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About The CCH Solid Waste District

Our Mission

The Carroll-Columbiana-Harrison County Solid Waste Management District (CCH SWMD) is dedicated to serving the residents of Carroll, Columbiana, and Harrison Counties.  Our main goal is to assure safe and sanitary disposal of solid waste for our residents and to reduce reusable or renewable wastes from entering landfills within the District.

We accomplish this through the development of residential and industrial programs that educate, promote, provide, implement, and improve recycling opportunities that will preserve landfill space now and into the future. We are committed to reducing land fill reliance and increasing recycling within Carroll, Columbiana & Harrison Counties.

How is the District Funded

Ohio law allows Solid Waste Districts to Fund their recycling programs by collecting a fee on solid waste disposed in landfills and transfer stations.  The Law requires Ohio landfills and transfer stations to collect fees on behalf of the Districts and remit the fees monthly to the appropriate Solid Waste District.  The District does not receive funding from the County General Fund.  Neither can District Fees be used to support County Activities.

House Bill 592

The CCH SWMD was created as result of House Bill 592 in 1988. House Bill 592 (HB 592), signed into law on June 24, 1988, dramatically revised Ohio’s outdated solid waste regulatory program. The law also established a solid waste management planning program to be implemented at both the state and local government levels. The bill emphasized the need to reduce Ohio’s reliance on landfills for the disposal of waste by increasing solid waste reuse, recycling, and minimization efforts. This guidance is one in a series explaining the provisions of HB 592 that make up Ohio’s solid waste management planning program.

Responsibilities of SWMDs and Authorities

The main purpose of the SWMD or authority is to prepare and implement a solid waste management plan (plan). The plan is the SWMD’s or authority’s strategy for achieving the goals of the state solid waste management plan. As part of its plan, the SWMD or authority is also responsible for the safe and sanitary management of all solid waste generated within the SWMD or authority.

 Structures of SWMDs and Authorities

As required by law, a SWMD consists of two bodies:

  1. the board of county commissioners for a single county SWMD or board of directors for a joint SWMD; and,
  1. a policy committee.


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Administrative Staff Members

  • Melissa Burchfield
    Melissa Burchfield Director

    1130 Cobbler Rd. NE, Carrollton, OH  44615

  • Anthony Guidone
    Anthony Guidone Recycling Coordinator

    1130 Cobbler Rd. NE, Carrollton, OH  44615

  • Paige Hay
    Paige Hay Community Outreach Specialist

    1130 Cobbler Rd. NE, Carrollton, OH  44615

CCH Solid Waste District Board of Directors

Commissioner Name County          2023 Chairs
Donald E. Leggett II Carroll 2nd Vice Chairman
Christopher R. Modranski Carroll
Robert E. Wirkner Carroll
Mike Halleck Columbiana
Roy Paparodis Columbiana  Vice Chairman
Tim Weigle Columbiana
Amy Norris Harrison
Paul Coffland Harrison
Dustin Corder Harrison Chairman

The board of county commissioners has primary responsibility for a single-county SWMD. For a joint SWMD, primary responsibility rests with the board of directors. The board of directors consists of the county commissioners from all of the counties in the SWMD. Thus, a joint SWMD with three counties has a board of directors of 9 members.

The board is statutorily charged with implementing the SWMD’s plan. Some of the board’s other authorities include:

    • convening the policy committee;
    • adopting and enforcing rules (if authorized by policy committee);
    • signing contracts for solid waste services.
    • designating the facilities that can accept SWMD-generated waste (if authorized by policy committee);
    • billing people, political jurisdictions, and businesses for solid waste services provided by the SWMD.
    • establishing rates or charges on properties that receive solid waste services from the SWMD;
    • ratifying the solid waste management plan; and,
    • appointing employees to run the SWMD.

CCH Solid Waste District Policy Committee

Member Name Representing
Carroll County
Christopher Modranski County Commissioners
Mayor Bill Stoneman Municipal Corporations
Brian McIntire Townships
Courtney Grossman Health District
Dan Reis Generators
 Lisa Guidone Citizens
Bill Findley Public
Columbiana County
Tim Weigle County Commissioners
Mayor John Berlin Municipal Corporations
Gary Williams Townships
Kevin Summerville Health District
David Dees Generators
Kay Washam Citizens
Cindy DePillo Public
Harrison County
Amy Norris County Commissioners
Mayor John Migliore Municipal Corporations
Paul Trushell Townships
Scott Pendleton Health District
Abigail Klamert Generators
Scott Blackburn Citizens
Chris Jacobs Public

 The policy committee’s primary responsible is to prepare, adopt, and receive approval for a plan. The policy committee for a single county SWMD is required, by ORC Section 3734.54(B), to consist of the following seven members:

    • the president of the board of county commissioners;
    • the chief executive officer of the municipal corporation having the largest population within the SWMD;
    • a member representing townships and chosen by a majority of the boards of township trustees within the county;
    • the health commissioner of the health district having the largest territorial jurisdiction within the county;
    • a member representing industrial, commercial, or institutional generators of solid waste;
    • a member representing the general interests of citizens; and,
    • a member representing the public.

Thus, the policy committee of a joint SWMD with three counties would have 21 members, and the policy committee for a SWMD with six counties would have 43 members.

In addition to preparing and obtaining approval of the SWMD’s plan, the policy committee:

    • performs an annual review of the SWMD’s progress toward implementing its approved plan;
    • authorizes the board to adopt and enforce rules;
    • authorizes the board to establish facility designations; and, levies disposal and generation fees to provide revenue to the SWMD

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