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Office Phone: 330-627-4244

Office Fax: 330-476-5129

Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm

All dogs are available for a limited time from the Carroll County Dog Pound located at 2185 Kensington Rd. NE, Route 9, Carrollton, Ohio 44615. We are southeast of the Akron/Canton area. Please call the Dog Pound for more information at 330-627-4244. We are open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. except holidays.

The adoption fee is $35 for senior/special needs dogs, $40 for standard dogs, $45 for puppies and all include a Carroll County dog license, 5-way shot and micro-chip. The license will be mailed to you. Stray dogs must be held for 3 days. Owner surrenders are available right away. We do not hold dogs. Dogs are not temperament checked. All dogs from a pound could possibly be infected with a contagious disease. It is best to isolate the dog from your pets at home until you can get them checked with a veterinarian.

The breeds and ages listed are our best guess. We make no claims to temperament, breed, age, or sex of dogs listed. Adoptions are on a first come, first serve, unless it is a stray coming up for adoption and more than 1 person is interested. Then, the people interested must be at the Dog Pound between 8:00 a.m. – 8:15 a.m. on available date. You will be given a ticket and there will be a drawing for the winning adopter.

Please call the Carroll County Dog Pound for more information.

Spaying and neutering offers your pet many health and behavior benefits and lessens the over population of homeless animals who must be euthanized at shelters.

The Carroll County Dog Warden’s Office provides several services to both the general public and other public agencies. The following is a list of services provided by (but not limited to) this office:

  • Patrolling the county to enforce dog-related rules and regulations as outlined in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC).
  • Responding to complaints of “unleashed” and/or “unlicensed” dogs, and to complaints of “dangerous” and “vicious” dogs.
  • Picking up stray dogs (with/without licenses) found while on patrol or from responding to a complaint.
  • Reuniting licensed and non-licensed dogs with their owners.
  • Boarding (holding) dogs until identified (redeemed) or disposed (adopted/destroyed) as outlined in the ORC.
  • Selling unclaimed dogs for adoption to new owners.
  • Selling dog licenses to dog owners as per the County Auditor’s Office.
  • Assisting owners with lost dogs and finders with found dogs.
  • Quarantining dogs due to possible rabies and/or a bite of a person as instructed by the County Health Department.
  • Destroying (euthanizing) dogs in a humane manner as outlined in the ORC.
  • Enforcing dog license rules and regulations as outlined in the ORC.
  • Conducting “spot checks” of dog licenses – both at residences and kennels.
  • Issuing citations for violations of the dog rules and regulations according to the ORC.
  • Protecting the public from “vicious” dogs.
  • Providing a tracking system of “vicious” dogs throughout the county.
  • Investigating claims of domestic animals killed by dogs and/or coyotes.
  • Providing dog-related information to the general public as outlined in the ORC.
  • Providing support to local law enforcement agencies while they are responding to complaints, serving warrants or conducting a raid where dogs are on the premise (i.e. removal of a vicious/dangerous dog).
  • Working with other government agencies (federal/state/county/local) to complete their tasks and duties relating to dogs.
  • Keeping all necessary records relating to the duties and functions of the Dog Warden’s Office.
  • Performing other assigned duties and tasks as directed by the Dog Warden or the Carroll County Commissioners.

Staff Members

  • Cason Leggett
    Cason Leggett Dog Warden

    2185 Kensington Road NE

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2185 Kensington Road NE
Carrollton, Ohio 44615
Phone: 330-627-4244
Fax: 330-476-5129

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