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Office Phone: 330-863-1515
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Carroll County Environmental Services is the branch of County Government that handles wastewater and water services for the County. It is headquartered at the main plant, Malvern Water Pollution Control Center (MWPC), formerly BTM Sewer District, and is a wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of .800 million gallons per day (mgd) servicing the Village of Malvern, Lake Mohawk Subdivision and portions of Brown Township. This facility utilizes the Big Sandy Creek stream for its effluent flow. We also maintain a satellite plant located in Carrollton, Ohio.

What Happens After The Flush?

  • Ralph J. Castellucci
    Ralph J. Castellucci Director - Environmental Services

    620 West Canal Street
    Malvern, Ohio 44644


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620 West Canal Street
Malvern, Ohio 44644
Phone: 330-863-1515
Fax: 330-863-9007

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