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Family and Children First Councils are established in Ohio Revised Code 121.37. Carroll County Family and Children First Council (FCFC) is dedicated to coordinating systems and services among a collaboration of government family and child serving systems, along with private agencies and parents, and seeks new and inventive services for their children. FCFC prioritizes services, fills gaps where possible, and seeks new and inventive services to achieve better results for families and children.

FCFC deals with difficult cases working in a coordinated, collaborative, cross-system approach. The individual family service coordination process is family focused and strengths based. The process attempts to effectively address their needs through a process that creates a unique intervention/treatment environment that eliminates duplication and provides both traditional services and builds natural supports.

FCFC’s Four Core Functions Are:

  • Engaging and Empowering Families
  • Shared Accountability
  • Building Community Capacity
  • Coordinating Systems and Services

We envision an educated community with ample services and resources with access for all. Families are healthy, children are safe and well, and youth are prepared for adult life.

Our Staff

  • Jennifer Burns
    Jennifer Burns Program Administrator/Coordinator

    95 E. Main Street

  • Jessica Ailing
    Jessica Ailing Service Coordinator

    95 E. Main Street


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Fax: 330-627-3121

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