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As part of the Land Ordnance of 1785, Ohio (then the Northwest Territory) served as the testing ground for the development of the Public Lands rectangular survey system. The office of County Surveyor (predecessor to the County Engineer) was one of the first offices created when Ohio was admitted to the Union in 1803. One of the major functions of the County Surveyor was the clarification of land titles and boundaries. By the mid-1800’s, the County Surveyor’s role had become increasingly involved in the development of the state’s growing system of roads and bridges. In 1831 the legislature voted to make the office elective because of the increased responsibilities it entailed.

In 1928, the County Surveyor was empowered by the state legislature to be the caretaker of the County’s growing network of roads, bridges and culverts as they relate to his office under the jurisdiction of the Board of County Commissioners. On August 30, 1935 the title was changed to County Engineer. The precise duties of the engineer are spelled out in Ohio Revised Code Section 315.08 but generally the Engineer performs all duties authorized or declared by law to be done by a registered professional engineer or registered surveyor.

Ohio has the most rigorous standards in the United States for qualifying its Professional County Engineers. Ohio requires its County Engineers to be both fully licensed as a “Registered Professional Engineer” and as a “Registered Professional Surveyor” for the office of County Engineer. To achieve both accreditations requires a minimum of a college degree in engineering and surveying, four years of experience in engineering, four years experience in surveying and 16 hours of testing for each license.

As a group, Ohio’s County Engineers are recognized leaders in the nation because of their professionalism and innovations relating to the maintenance of highways and bridges. Ohio’s requirement for professional licensing in both engineering and surveying , the fact that the position is elected and the fact that the gasoline taxes and license plates fee are dedicated to the repair and maintenance of highways and bridges by the state’s constitution, allows these elected professionals to utilize the scarce resources in an efficient and professional manner.

There are four different highway systems in Ohio: State, County, Township and Municipality. In Carroll County, the State maintains 145 miles of state routes, the County maintains 307 miles of county roads, the 14 townships maintain 417 miles of township roads and the Municipalities are responsible for all streets and alleys within their respective boundaries.

The County Engineer is responsible for the construction, reconstruction, improvement, maintenance and repair of all bridges and highways under the jurisdiction of the Board of County Commissioners as outlined in the Ohio Revised Code Section 5543. Maintenance duties include snow control, mowing, brush clearing, traffic signage and pavement markings as well as maintaining guardrail, culverts and roadside ditches. The County Engineer is fully responsible for the construction, maintenance and annual inspection of bridges 10’ and larger on all County and Township roads as well as evaluating the condition and load carrying capacity of those structures. The County Engineer serves as the engineering adviser to all 14 Townships and the Regional Planning Commission. The County Engineer also serves as the tax map draftsman for the County.

Permit fee schedule went into effect as of July 14, 2013

  • Driveway Permits (Residential): $0.00
  • Driveway Permits (Commercial): $100.00
  • Additional Driveway Signage Fee: $250.00
  • Excavation or Boring, Parallel to or Crossing the Pavement: $250.00
  • Excavation within the Right of Way but Outside Pavement: $100.00

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Engineer and Staff

  • Brian J. Wise, P.E., P.S.
    Brian J. Wise, P.E., P.S. Engineer

    200 Kensington Road N.E.
    Term: 01/04/2021 to 01/03/2025


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