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We are excited to announce the long awaited launch of our new website! Commissioners contracted with Lehman Website Design & Marketing of Canton, Ohio to create and design the new website. The current website was outdated, aesthetically unpleasing, difficult to navigate, not mobile friendly and very limited in what can be done. The new design is modern, easy to use, mobile friendly, informative. The potential with a new website is endless – we can do things for our residents that we have never been able to do before (i.e. Blog updates, online payments).

Some of the new features included in the new design is a section where residents can notify appropriate departments of hazards and concerns (i.e. litter, pot holes, speeders, animals at large, etc.) and depending on their choices from a drop down menu their concern will be sent to the appropriate agency’s email. There is listing of important contacts such as Township Trustees, Villages, Schools, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Post Offices and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. There is also a section for News and Events and each department has their own web presence within our website.

This website would not be possible without the efforts of the following people who provided numerous photos used within the site: John Rutledge, Bethany Leggett, Brad Lucky and Beth Kruprzak.

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