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The Carroll County Recorder’s Office is the official land records office for all real estate located in Carroll County.  The Recorder’s Office keeps and maintains accurate land records that are current, legible and easily accessible.  An important aspect of the Recorder’s work is to index each document so it may be readily located.  Accurate indexing makes it possible for persons searching land records to find the documents necessary to establish a “chain of title” and ensures that any debts or encumbrances against the property are evident.

To receive copies of documents, the Recorder charges $2.00 per page.  We will need the property owner’s name, volume and page, subdivision name and lot number or township, range, and section to locate documents. One can receive copies of documents by coming into the office or sending a request in by mail. We must have the appropriate copy fee before sending copies out.

The number one priority in this office is customer service!

  • Our office has full time employees to serve customers.
  • We carefully inspect documents to be recorded.  If there is an error, we make every effort to have the document corrected or a letter is sent with the document explaining the problem.
  • Our office has a one working day turn around time from the time it is recorded to the time it is mailed back to the customer. Most documents are mailed back the same business day. We now hand back the documents at the time of recording if brought in to the office.
  • The Recorder’s Office does not furnish forms.
  • Our office only records the completed document.
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope is requested for all mailings.
  • Upon request, we provide a monthly mortgage report listing the lending institutions, number of mortgages & dollar amounts. ($2.00 per page)
  • We offer free certified copies of Veteran’s DD214’s to funeral homes.
  • Veterans are entitled to free certified copies.
  • Veterans ID cards available upon the recording of DD214.


Documents presented for recording in the Carroll County Recorder’s Office MUST meet Ohio Revised Code Section 317.11 and 317.112 (A).

R.C. 317.11 requires the signature of any person, who signs an “instrument by which title to real estate or personal personal property of
any interest therein or lien thereon, is conveyed, created, encumbered, assigned, discharged, cancelled, or otherwise disposed of” to be 
legible or, if illegibly written, to be identified by an affidavit or by having the name legibly printed, typewritten or stamped upon the instrument.

317.112 (A) reads “The contents of the instrument shall be sufficiently LEGIBLE to permit their reproduction by photographic or micro-photographic process”.  The ENTIRE document must be legible for reproduction.


In order for our office to return your documents, include a self-addressed stamped return envelope. Please be sure that you have enough postage on your envelope and that your return envelope is large enough to hold the documents.

For the services hereinafter specified the County Recorder shall charge and collect the fees provided to be paid upon the presentation of the respective instruments for record or upon the application for any certified copy of the record as follows:

The fees provided in this section shall be paid upon the presentation of the instruments for record, or upon the application for any certified copy of the record excepting fees and expenses incurred in the filing ofUnited States tax liens, discharges, and releases, the payment for which shall be governed by section 317.09 of the Revised Code.

Under Sec. 317.32 the County Recorder shall charge and collect the following fees:

For documents that do not meet our standardization requirements. Sec 317.32 +$20.00
For recording and indexing when the photocopy or any similar process is employed, THIRTY FOUR DOLLARS for the FIRST TWO PAGES and EIGHT DOLLARS for each page thereafter, size eight and one half inches by fourteen inches, or a fraction thereof, including the caption page of such instrument. Sec 317.32 $34.00
For certifying a photocopy from the record previously recorded, TWO DOLLARS per page, size eight and one half inches by fourteen inches, or fraction thereof; for each certification where the Recorder’s seal is required, except as to instruments issued by the armed forces of the United States ONE DOLLAR. Sec. 317.32 2.00
For entering any marginal reference by separate recorded instrument FOUR DOLLARS for each marginal reference set out in such instruments, in addition to the recording fee set forth in Division (D) of this section $4.00
For indexing in the real estate mortgage records, pursuant to division (B) of section 1309.40 of the revised Code, financing statements filed which are to become fixtures, FOUR DOLLARS EACH NAME INDEXED IN REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE RECORD. Sec. 317.32 $4.00
For recording manually any plat not exceeding six lines FOUR DOLLARS and for additional line TWENTY CENTS. Sec. 317.32 $4.00
For filing Township Zoning Resolutions. Sec. 317.32, 519.11 $50.00
For filing Zoning Amendments Sec. 317.31, 519.12, TWENTY DOLLARS. $20.00
In any County where the Recorder employs the photostatic or any similar process for recording maps or plats, he shall charge and collect for recording or re-recording of any map, plat or print, a fee of TEN CENTS per square inch for each square inch of the plat filed for such recording, with a minimum fee of FORTY DOLLARS. Sec. 317.32 $40.00
For certifying a copy from the record, FOUR CENTS per square inch of the record, with a minimum fee of FOUR DOLLARS. Sec. 317.32 $4.00
For filing map of ABANDONED MINESec. 4153.42 $10.00
For filing of PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT same as fees provided in Sec. 317.32
For recording of CONDOMINIUM-DECLARATION -BY-LAWS-DRAWINGS- same as fees provided in Sec. 317.32
For services in making REVISION OF INLOTS and OUTLOTS of municipal corporation, per day, Sec. 711.33 $4.00
For recording and filing ANNEXATION PROCEEDINGS Sec. 709.06 same fees as for Deeds, Mortgages, etc. Entry on PLAT of LOTS VACATED Sec. 711.27 same fee as like cases
DETACHMENT FROM VILLAGE Sec. 709.39 same as fees in Sec. 317.32
INCORPORATION Proceedings Sec. 707.24 same fees as for deeds.
SANITARY DISTRICT DECREE incorp. Sec. 6115.09 $2.00
Decree of Incorporation of CONSERVANCY DISTRICT Sec. 6101.09 $2.00
For recording agreement to INDIAN MOUNDS –EARTHWORKS OR ARCHAELOGICAL SITES – Sec. 149.51-.52-.53-.54-.55 same as for deeds.
For recording and indexing and making copies of CERTIFICATE OF PROBATE JUDGE as to transfer of real estate, same fee as for recording and indexing of deeds. Sec. 2113.63
For recording and indexing AFFIDAVIT for Transfer and Record of Real Estate Inherited, same fee as for recording and indexing of deeds. Sec. 317.32 (D)
For recording any certified copy of any matter in reference to BANKRUPTCY Sec. 317.10 the same fees as provided in Sec. 317.32 (D)
JOURNAL ENTRYS IN APPROPRIATION CASE Sec. 163.15 Costs in Appropriation Proceedings – same as Sec. 317.32 (D)
RECORDING LAND CONTRACTS, 5301.331 same fee as in Sec. 317.32 (D)
Releasing, Partial Release & Assignment of LAND CONTRACTS
Sec. 5301.331 same fee as Sec. 317.32 (D)
MASTER MORTGAGE Sec 5302.15 same fees as in Sec. 317.32 (D)
WAIVER OF PRIORITY Sec. 5301.35 same fee as for Satisfaction of Mortgage. 317.32
For Recording of LEASES Sec. 5301.09 same fee as for deeds.
For Assignment, Cancellation of Partial Release, & Non Forfeiture of OIL & GAS LEASE Sec. 5301.33 same fees as Sec. 317.32 (D)
Recording, Indexing a record of POWER OF ATTORNEY Sec. 1337.10 same as fee in Sec. 317.32 (D)
REVOCATION OF POWER OF ATTORNEY Sec.1337.10 same as for Release of Mortgages etc.
Notice of RELEASE OF POWER OF APPOINTMENT Sec 1339.17 same fees Sec. 317.32
For Recording DISCHARGE of a member of the ARMED FORCES of the U.S. and for the first certified copy requested Sec. 317.24, 317.27 NO FEE
For Recording copy of an amendment or amended ARTICLES CHANGING THE NAME of principal office of a Corporation
Sec. 1701.73
RECORDING a copy of AMENDMENT OR AMENDED Articles CHANGING NAME OF A CORPORATION & Non Profit Corporation refer to Sec. 1702.38 Standard
Recording Fee. Sec. 317.32
Sec. 1703.22
For recording MERGER of Corporation the same fee as for deeds. Sec. 1701.81
For recording CERTIFICATE OF REINSTATEMENT of a Corporation Sec. 5733.22 $6.00
MARKETABLE TITLES Sec. 5301.52 same as provided in Sec. 317.32 (D)
COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT CORPORATION AGREEMENT Sec. 1724.10 same as fees provided in Sec. 317.32 (A)
GRANT OF RIGHT OF WAY OR EASEMENT to Railroad Company Sec. 4961.39 same as provided in Sec. 317.32 (D)
PATENTS for Land Sec. 5301.38 same as fees in Sec. 317.32 (D)
Transfer of Interest in PARTNERSHIPS Sec. 1783.05 same as fees in Sec. 317.32 (D)

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