Resilience Fund Awards Grants to Struggling Businesses

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The Resilience Fund is designed to assist businesses in the Appalachian Ohio counties that are facing serious economic challenges. This fund will enable quick access to small grants as well as connections to assistance and information about other grants, loans and/or investment capital. Individual grant amounts will range from $500 to $3,000.

Grants will be made to businesses whose stability has been disrupted by the current economic challenges. These funds can be used for business inventory, rent, and utilities, securing the employment of staff, or other costs that are preventing the sustainability of your operation. Clearly specify your needs on the application since applying to the fund does not guarantee an award. Applications will be assessed by need, the stability of your enterprise before the crisis, and your ability to sustain your business with the award. Each application will be reviewed by a committee of stakeholders.

In addition to offering grants, funders participating in the Resilience Fund are available to provide support before grant applications are  filed and following awards. Potential applicants and grant winners can receive referrals to business support offices that provide training and guidance with planning, financing, marketing, and other business activities from the funders’ professional staff  at no charge.

To learn more or to apply for the grant please click here.

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