April is National Fair Housing Month

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The Carroll County Fair Housing Office asked the Board of Commissioners to adopt a proclamation recognizing April as Fair Housing Month in Carroll County.

The Proclamation can be viewed here.

The goal of the Carroll County Fair Housing Office is to develop and promote a public understanding of fair housing policies and laws, eliminate housing discrimination, promote economic opportunity, and achieve diverse, inclusive communities. We achieve our goals through training workshops, one-on-one consultations, state housing advocacies, and marketing campaigns.

The Fair Housing office presented and attended several training’s and outreach activities throughout Program Year including:

  1. OCCD Fall Conference
  2. Carrollton Library
  3. Malvern Library
  4. Carroll Golden Age Retreat – Staff Meeting
  5. Carroll County Senior Citizens Friendship Center
  6. Carroll County Fair

The Fair Housing Office continued a marketing campaign to raise awareness and distribute our contact information. The campaign distributed pens, key chains, tire gauges, cups, calendars and informational brochures throughout the year. We also had a booth under the grandstands for the Carroll County Fair.

I would like to advise that anyone who believes they have been a victim of a fair housing violation can call the Carroll County Fair Housing Office at 330-627-4869 to discuss their concerns.


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