Emergency Services Appreciation Day

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Today we wish to express our appreciation for all our Carroll County emergency services personnel.

Our emergency services personnel are charged with saving lives and protecting property 24 hours a day every day of the year.

Our emergency services personnel can never be adequately compensated or sufficiently recognized for the sacrifices made for our communities. The Board of Carroll County Commissioners through proclamation have determined that we should express our appreciation for the sacrifices and dedication to duty of each and every one of our emergency services personnel and recognize those that have come to the attention of the selection committee who clearly demonstrated actions that have saved lives, demonstrated gallantry or are worthy of commendation.

The selection committee fully realizes that not all the actions of emergency services personnel worthy of recognition come to its attention and continue to encourage emergency service leaders to nominate those that they feel may qualify.

Sargeant Travis Lauhon, Deputy Ryan Salasek and Carrollton Patrolman Dustin Kempf received the  Lifesaving and Gallantry Awards for their actions during the event described below.

Sargeant Travis Lauhon responded to a two vehicle accident to find one of the vehicles was on fire with entrapment. Sgt. Lauhon on arrival requested the Dellroy Fire Department be dispatched. Deputy Ryan Salasek and Carrollton Patrolman Dustin Kempf hearing the urgent call for firefighters immediately responded to render assistance. The combined efforts of these three Law enforcement Officers at great personal risk and injury preserved the life of the victim until firefighter’s arrival, representing team effort, cooperation and Gallantry at its best.

Deputy James Lemonte received the Lifesaving Award for his actions during the event described below.

Deputy James Lemonte responded to a report of an unresponsive male gasping for breath that was suspected of having overdosed on Heroin. Narcan was administered, however nine minutes later with the Ambulance still 5 minutes out the subject was again administered another dose of Narcan by Deputy Lemonte to stabilize him. If not for the actions of this Deputy the subject may not have survived until the arrival of paramedics. The subject was transported to the Hospital and recovered.

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