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The Carroll County Common Pleas Court General and Trial Division has the jurisdiction and the responsibility to preside over all felony criminal cases, all divorce, dissolution, child custody and child support cases, and all complex civil litigation cases filed in the Carroll County Common Pleas Court. There are three divisions administered via the Carroll County Common Pleas Court: Criminal, Civil and Domestic Relations Divisions. All divisions provide a fair, independent, professional and thoughtful environment for individuals, businesses and attorneys to resolve pending cases (ORC 2301.01).

The Common Pleas Court also employs and supervises the Adult Probation Department (ORC 2301.27) and the Jury Commission (ORC 2313.01).

The Common Pleas Court appoints all members to the Veterans Service Commission for Carroll County.
The Common Pleas Court sponsors foreclosure mediation services.

The Judge of the Common Pleas Court is a member of the Courthouse Security Committee and the Eastern Ohio Community-based Correctional Facility’s Judicial Advisory Board (ORC 2301.51).

The Common Pleas Court calls into session and presides over all Carroll County Grand Juries.


  • Felony Criminal Trial Court
  • Carroll County Grand Jury
  • Civil Trial Court
  • Domestic Relations Trial Court

Court of Common Pleas Courtroom

  • Michael V. Repella II
    Michael V. Repella II Common Pleas Court Judge

    119 S. Lisbon Street, Suite 400
    Term: 01/01/2019 to 12/31/2025


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Phone: 330-627-2450
Fax: 330-627-0985

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