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The Board of Commissioners of Carroll County holds its weekly meetings on Monday and Thursday at 9:00 a.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room located in the Carroll County Courthouse, at 119 S. Lisbon Street, Suite 201, Carrollton, Ohio. If Monday or Thursday falls on a legal holiday, the meeting will be postponed to the next regular meeting date. The Commissioners must hold at least 50 regular meetings per year.

Most Ohio counties have three county commissioners, two being elected at the time of the presidential election (taking office January 2 and January 3) and one at the

time of the gubernatorial election (taking office January 1). Commissioners serve a four year term. The organizational meeting of the Board occurs on the second Monday of January each year where the Board elects a president, vice president and third member of the Board. Individual commissioners have no power to act independently. The Board of County Commissioners, acting as a body by majority or unanimous vote, must take all formal and official actions.

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The Board of Commissioners holds title to county property, serves as the sole taxing authority for the county and controls county purchasing, appropriating and budgeting.  Other responsibilities include hearing and ruling on annexations, vacating roads or alleys, and appointing members to boards and commissions. The Board is given specific and limited authority by the Ohio Revised Code.  The Commissioners also serve on boards and committees such as the Regional Planning Commission,

Board of Revision, Community Improvement Corporation and Records Commission; a complete list is available upon request.

The Carroll County Board of Commissioners has direct oversight of several County departments, including: Emergency Management Agency, Carroll Golden Age Retreat (County Home), Economic Development, Transit, Carroll County Environmental Services, Dog Pound, Maintenance, and DJFS.

Ohio Revised Code §305

Staff Members

  • Robert E. Wirkner
    Robert E. Wirkner Commissioner

    119 S. Lisbon Street, Suite 201
    Term: 01/02/2021 to 01/01/2025

  • Christopher R. Modranski
    Christopher R. Modranski Commissioner

    119 S. Lisbon Street, Suite 201
    Term: 01/03/2021 to 01/02/2025

  • Ronald M. Nuzzolillo Jr
    Ronald M. Nuzzolillo Jr Director of Special Projects

    119 S. Lisbon Street, Suite 201


  • Melissa Schaar
    Melissa Schaar Clerk

    119 S. Lisbon Street, Suite 201


  • Donald E. Leggett II
    Donald E. Leggett II Commissioner

    119 S. Lisbon Street, Suite 201
    Term: 01/01/2023 to 12/31/2026

  • April D. Mayle
    April D. Mayle Assistant Clerk II

    119 S. Lisbon Street, Suite 201


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Fax: 330-627-6656

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